Why is Honey Good for your Health?

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You wouldn’t believe how many health purposes honey has: from reducing dandruff to being used as an antiseptic on wounds. There’s a lot going on in this liquid gold that makes it an ideal all-purpose solution. Even the Ancient Egyptians exploited the health properties of honey and used it to embalm bodies for the afterlife.

Honey Health Benefits

1. Great for allergies

Honey contains trace pollens, which act as small doses of inoculation throughout the year so when allergens crop up in spring your body has had a chance to fight them in controlled levels. The other immune-boosting factor is honey’s anti-inflammatory properties that work against histamines to trigger less of a response to attacking allergens.

2. Effective cough suppressant.

Raw honey keeps for a very, very long time without spoiling. That’s because of the high anti-microbial properties. They’re excellent for treating coughs and sore throats. It coats and soothes the throat but also kills bacteria associated with an infection. A bonus that it’s also a sleep aid, so in addition to soothing a cough, it’ll also help you fall asleep easier.

3. A source of energy.

Honey won’t spike your blood sugar as much as refined sweeteners because it contains both fructose and glucose. Together, they provide a quick shot of energy and then long-term fuel to burn throughout the day, especially for athletes. It’s ideal because a spoonful of honey goes a long way and has about 17 grams of carbs and not a ton of calories, which helps the honey absorb slower and release over time.

4. Mini-first aid kit.

For burns and wounds, topically applying honey can be as soothing as it is in the throat and it’ll prevent infection, especially if the wound is exposed. A particular type of honey, made from the Manuka bush, works effectively against 250 strains of bacteria. It’s a great antiseptic because it releases hydrogen peroxide, a natural killing agent for live bacteria. Honey was actually a staple in treating infections and wounds until penicillin came along with modern medicine.

5. Part of a beauty routine.

The beauty applications for honey are limitless. Imagine how many hair and skin products are on the market to do what honey does with just half the effect. As a dilute solution with warm water, honey works wonders for treating dandruff or even as a conditioner when combined with olive oil. For beautiful, glowing skin, you can mix a small amount with rose and almond oils to make a moisturizer that hydrates skin better than something bought in a store.

The best honey you can get, fully packed with all the antibacterial goodness and vitamins, is raw and unprocessed. Anything that’s been pasteurized or cooked or diluted won’t have the same effect. It’s a natural product that has rightfully earned shelf-space for many people, mostly as a sweet treat to put on foods or in hot drinks. But there are so many uses for honey that it might be worth getting an extra jar or two so you don’t run out.

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