We take tremendous pride in creating our line of natural, unique and versatile Honey Products, from the complex floral flavors in our varietal kinds of honey, to the carefully blended and precise flavors of our Natural Honey Creams, we take great care in filling our jars with only the finest products.

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Honey Squeeze Bottle - 12oz
Based on 3 reviews.

Love honey but hate the sticky drippy mess? Try out our 12 oz squeeze bottle of delicious, natural, ..

Honey Squeeze Bottle - 24oz
Based on 1 reviews.

24 ounces of our delicious clover honey in an easy to use squeeze bottle. Clover is one of th..

Honey Squeeze Bottle - 5 Pound
Based on 0 reviews.

Our 5 lb squeeze bottle is filled with our delicious, natural, “raw” Wisconsin Clover Honey packag..

RAW Honey Spread (New Jar) -12 oz.
Based on 12 reviews.

One of our most popular products, our Raw Honey is unfiltered/raw and kept at the same temperature a..

Raspberry Honey Creme Spread - 8oz
Based on 5 reviews.

Raspberry Creme Honey is our pure ”raw” creamed clover honey with pure raspberry flavoring mixed in...

Cinnamon Apple Honey Creme Spread - 8oz
Based on 2 reviews.

Our Cinnamon Apple Creme Honey is pure ”raw” creamed clover honey with natural ground cinnamon mixed..