Lemon Honey Creme Spread - 8oz

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Lemon Creme Honey

  • 8 oz Jar
  • Dairy-Free
  • Smooth, Cyrstallized & Spreadable


Lemon Creme Honey is our pure ”raw” creamed clover honey with pure lemon extract! Contrary to its name there is -no- creme in it and it is -not- whipped, It's smooth, crystallized, and perfectly spreadable and mixable! Great on any kind of breakfast bread (toast, bagel, english muffin, etc.) as a perky pick me up, amazing mixed into any cold or warm tea to add sweetness from the honey and the zing of the lemon all in one, or try drizzling it over ice cream, pastries, or cookies.

Our honey creams are dairy-free and made when we harness honey's natural crystallization process to make it into a spreadable and creamy treat!


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Lemon Honey Creme Spread - 8oz
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