Returns & Shipping Information

Shipping Questions/Answers

How long does my package take to arrive at its destination?

Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, except on legal holidays and weather permitting. Honey Truffles are shipped dependent on weather to avoid melting. Processing time is usually 2-4 days from order day, to day of shipment.

What if I’d like to become a Wholesale Account?

Please give our office a call or fill out our New Wholesale Customer information form and e-mail it to us at

Can I choose the carrier for my shipment? 

Yes, UPS is an option which you can choose to ship by. If your order is small enough that it qualifies for standard shipping, the choice of shipping method is left up to Honey Acres.

Can I ship my order to two different addresses?

You can place two separate orders which can be designated to different addresses. Unfortunately, we do not separate products to two different addresses in the same order.

Can I ship my order using multiple shipping methods?

Only one shipping method can be used per order.

When available, what are the terms and conditions of Free Shipping Offers?

Free shipping may be available with certain offers and promotions. Free Shipping offers apply to Standard Shipping and are only available within the continental U.S.

Return Policy

Honey Variances

Honey Acres only use natural ingredients. Texture and flavor may be slightly different per order. Natural honey may have small air bubbles and can also form 'sugar crystals' that are enjoyable to eat and perfectly normal. Tip: if you have a jar of honey in your cupboard for a very long time it may crystalize. If you’d like it to become liquid again just pop it in the Microwave for 5 seconds at a time and stir. Be careful you don’t over heat it because it only takes a few seconds to soften. Honey is the type of product that can almost live forever… in a manner of speaking.


Payment is required prior to fulfilling your order. Please use a valid credit card number when checking out in our shopping cart.

Confirmation of Web Orders

We try to update the website regularly to acknowledge your orders and update the orders when they’ve been shipped. Please inspect each order to make sure your order was fulfilled correctly and the product you ordered is in good shape.

Returns and Inspecting Product Upon Delivery

Please inform us within 10 days of your delivery arrival if there are any discrepancies in your order or ship damage. Please keep the original packaging in case a call tag is required. Honey Acres will provide you with refund, return or replacement steps once notified of the problem. Please e-mail or call us at 1-920-474-4411.