Orange Blossom Honey - 8oz

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Orange Blossom Honey

  • 8 oz Jar
  • Raw/Unfiltered
  • Orange-centric wtih Hints of Citrus


Our only non-local variety, we source our Orange Blossom Honey from the vast Orange Groves of Florida. The bees produce this Honey predominantly from Orange trees but they do wander around a little bit and visit the other citrus commonly found in these groves, including Grapefruits Lemons and Limes. Our Orange Blossom Honey has an aromatic flavor with strong hints of citrus and pairs well with creamy cheeses such as Brie. While it commonly has a slight orange hue to it this honey has a distinct flavor that isn't as orange-centric as many assume. The source from which this Honey originates, is most evident in its Citrus aroma.


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Orange Blossom Honey - 8oz
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