3 Delicious Honey Recipes to Sweeten Your Day

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Although, honey is mostly being used as a natural sweetener and sugar substitute it still can be used in various recipes as a core ingredient. For instance, honey is a great ingredient to include in salad dressings, dessert and cakes, and even serve with meat and vegetables.

Here are some honey recipes to sweeten your day. 

Banana Honey Crepe

Honey & Banana Crepes

Mix 2 cup all-purpose flour and 2 eggs together. Add 1/2 cup of milk and as much water. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt and 3 tablespoons of melted butter; mix until it gets smooth.

Pour the mixture into the oiled griddle and cook the crepe with medium heat for 2 minutes until it is light brown. Remove from griddle and add toppings (seedless raisin, banana, honey, hot chocolate, nuts). Serve hot.

Honey Omelette

Honey Omelette

It might seem weird mixing the honey with omelette but it actually has a great taste; the flavour contrast of the salty omelette and sweet honey create a delicious experience. Also, honey Omelette is not only a healthy breakfast treat but also a great meal to start your day with full of energy.

Ingredients and Directions

Whisk eggs, milk and honey. Heat butter in the pan and pour the egg and honey mixture in. Cook moderate hit until it gets brown. Put and spread one tea spoon honey and serve it with a toasted bread and black tea.

Banana Honey Shake

Honey Banana Shake

To make one cup of honey banana shake you need to sift together 1 banana, 1 / 2 cup low fat milk, 3 teaspoons of nuts, 1 teaspoon raw honey, and 1 teaspoon Vanilla into the mixer. Mix until smooth and you are ready to serve. 

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