Clover Honey - 55# Pail

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Clover Honey

  • 55lb Pail
  • Raw/Unfiltered
  • Sweet in Taste


Clover is one of the most widely available varieties of Honey. Due to the abundance of Clover around the country most people's first experience with honey is in the form of Clover. Although Clover is the main flower visited by the bees to make this honey they also visit many other plants in their travels. This leads to different regions of the country to have slightly different flavors of Clover Honey. While flavors may differ regionally, our Wisconsin Clover Honey has the typical sweetness that makes a perfect sweetener in cooking or in tea, and also has a little hint of Wisconsin Wildflowers and even some Linden Trees. It makes a great sugar substitute and is naturally our Beekeeper's Best.


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Clover Honey - 55# Pail
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